Dec 302008

Wessel Strauss

Dear Polocrosse Friends, welcome to the exciting world of International Polocrosse.
Polocrosse is most probably the most exciting Horse sport you will find in the Equestrian world. I therefore invite you to browse through this very exciting web site to familiarize yourself with Polocrosse especially if you have not participated in Polocrosse before.

The International Polocrosse Council was established under the auspices of Mr. Max Walters from Australia on the 21st of June 1976. Over the years of existence the President position has only changed three times with the latest change taking place on the 30th of April 2007 when this position moved out of Australia for the first time and the current President, Wessel Strauss, now hails from South Africa.

We as members of the International Council are committed to work together as a team and assure that more International events amongst countries take place by ways of possible Quadrangular tours every two years and to build and encourage the development of our Junior members by offering them more International events with other countries as they are the future of our lovely game and need to be exposed much more.

Our aim is to assure that Polocrosse is known by the entire world and hope that we will have more countries join up in this highly skilled game of horsemanship and passion.

For more information please surf our web site for details of office bearers close to you, contact them and become part of a great family sport you will never regret.

All of the best to all of you reading this and we await your involvement in anticipation.

Polocrosse Greetings

Wessel Strauss


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